The Morning After: Google Stadia’s launch game line-up gets a big boost

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The new list includes ‘Metro Exodus,’ ‘NBA 2K20’ and ‘Football Manager 2020’.Google Stadia’s launch line-up gets a 10-game boost

After announcing its cloud-streaming Stadia game service would launch with just 12 titles, Google has nearly doubled that number, a mere day ahead of launch. The service will now arrive with 10 additional games, bringing the total to 22. That’ll include Football Manager 2020 and NBA 2K2020, giving Stadia a couple of the sports titles it was completely lacking before. In comparison, Microsoft is launching its xCloud preview with well over 50 titles.

The full, updated line-up is right here.

But is it an actual Mustang?

Ford’s Mustang Mach-E straddles the world of EVs, SUVs and muscle cars

Ford’s new electric vehicle is the Mustang Mach-E — but it’s not entirely a Mustang. It’s more like a crossover with hints of Mustang design. Ford seems to have a version of the Mach-E for every type of driver. It’ll be available in five trim models starting at $43,895 and will roll into showrooms in late 2020. The First Edition (270-mile range at $59,900), Premium (300 miles at $50,600) and GT (235 miles at $60,500) showing up on the road first. The California Route (300 miles at $52,400) and Select (230 miles at $43,895) will both land in early 2021.

Ford famously announced it would stop selling cars in the United States — except for the Mustang, which continues to be a hit for the automaker. The result is Ford’s first big EV — an SUV with a Mustang badge. Read on for Roberto Baldwin’s report.

This may be more about winning tariff exemptions than anything else.

President Trump will visit Apple’s Mac Pro factory on November 20th

The White House has confirmed that President Trump will visit Apple’s Mac Pro factory in Austin, Texas, on November 20th, backing up rumors of an impending tour. It’s not clear if Tim Cook or other Apple executives will be present, but it wouldn’t be surprising given the optics. Apple wants to be seen as having the Trump administration’s support, while Trump wants to be seen supporting American jobs.

For Apple, though, there’s an extra level of urgency. The next big round of US tariffs on China is poised to take effect on December 15th, and it could easily raise the cost of selling phones, laptops, monitors and other mainstays of Apple’s product lineup.

It’s trying to reduce dissent by silencing communication.

Iran shuts down nearly all internet access in response to fuel protests

The Iranian government has shut down nearly all internet access in the country amid mounting protests that began over a 50-percent hike in fuel prices and now encompass wider dissent. There are pockets of access that have let people show what’s happening on the ground, but they’re rare. Phone calls abroad still work, but those are also closely monitored. The government hasn’t formally acknowledged the internet shutdown.

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