Steve Nash vs Kobe Bryant EPIC Game 6 Duel Highlights 2006 NBA Playoffs – Kobe 50 Pts, CLUTCH Nash!

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  1. I gotta say 2000's era was the most entertaining , Worth watching. The times when you dont know who's going to win the Championship. The
    Greatest Era in basketball history.

  2. Imagine Steve playing at his peak in today's NBA, where shooting three's is half of the offensive plays for all teams. You're basically looking at what Steve would do just by watching Steph Curry. Their games emulate each other because Nash was Steph's favorite player growing up. But if Nash shot as many 3's per game as the average NBA point guards do today, Nash would go down as one of the greatest 3point shooters in history.. Steph Curry, known as the greatest three point shooter of all time has an other-worldly CAREER 3pt percentage of 43%… guess what Steve Nash's CAREER 3pt percentage was…43%!!! The only difference obviously is that Steph Curry shoots many more threes per game than Steve ever did. But in today's game, Steve Nash would literally emulate what Steph Curry is doing now, if he had shot the amount of 3's Steph does… Plus just like Steph Curry, Steve Nash is a wizard handling and passing the ball, and getting his teammates involved… he's an even a better passer than Steph Curry is… Steve Nash would be considered an even greater point guard than he is already known for..

  3. I really love when nash was in the lakers. I really enjoy watching him playing for the lakers.. All startline up was amazing but I didn't like that Gasol was not top5 in the line but dwight howard was main center … I way more prefer gasol everyday then dwight, same with other center I forgot his name was Byden smth. Dwight should stayed at magic in my opinion just like lebron should always stay at cleveland, just how kobe did for the lakers. Become the city superstar :D. Tho I still enjoy heat in the finals vs spurs then after that I stop watching nba I think it was 2012.

  4. kobe black mamba can shoot in any angle. Steve Nash is so accurate. his shoots, his lay ups, free throws, 3 point shoots. Steve Nash is really in the high level group and inside among the GREATEST players

  5. Hands down one of the most exhilarating games I've watched in a while. I have a newfound respect for Steve Nash. His amazing handles, silky smooth Assists and exemplary play-making skills were definitely on show during this game. He really deserves way more respect than he gets.

  6. Damn brah it's like steve nash is the only stud on the team and Phoenix just stood by and watched in aye of kobi..
    Like some fucking d

  7. How Kobe carried the 2006 Lakers to the playoffs is unimaginable: Imagine having starters/bench like Kwame Brown, Odom, Luke Walton, Smush Parker, Chris Mihm, Sasha Vujacic, Devin George, Ronny Turiaf. These players were like rejects from other teams

Steve Nash vs Kobe Bryant EPIC Game 6 Duel Highlights 2006 NBA Playoffs – Kobe 50 Pts, CLUTCH Nash!

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