Nick Kyrgios LOSES IT, THROWS CHAIR At The Italian Open!

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  1. ce joueur est un gros connard ! Il ne mérite pas de jouer et de salir ce si beau sport !!!! Imaginez ce que les jeunes qui regardent
    ces scènes de violence !!! Ce type doit être banni à JAMAIS de l'ATP ! Shame on you Kyrgios !!!

  2. The Ballboy or Attendant should have left the chair where it landed. Nuck should have been made to pick up his own rubbish. He can give it out but can't eat his own humble pie. He is totally bad for Australian Tennis .

  3. I could feel a little sympathy for this hideously-deformed Australian hunchback if it was his first offence, but he has plenty of form. Maybe a couple of years working in a factory on minimum wage would help him get things in perspective and make him realise what a privileged opportunity he has been given to be able to play tennis for a very lucrative living.

  4. Don't compare him to McEnroe…McEnroe was mainly angered by line calls that he thought were called wrong. Kyrgios is disrespectful toward his peers. That's a no no

  5. Nick Kyrgios is a disgrace to the sport of tennis. His recent spats have not only disgraced the sport but also his country. He should be ashamed of what he did and in my mind he could never be spoken of in the same breath as the likes of Nadal and Federer and Djokovic. HELL NO….He should apologise too. I have never seen anything like that on a tennis court. I'm sure that SPORT AUSTRALIA is embarrassed.

  6. Don't overhype tennis, Kyrgios is not that coordinated, he could not play High School baseball, he would be cut. Tennis is not that hard of a game, harder than basketball or silly soccer, but its really more an activity or game than a sport. Tennis has historically been a game that attracted the 'less than stellar' athletic male individual. It's a good game, fun to play, but it does not require a lot of skill in order to compete. Great game for females though.

    Hitting a 2 ounce rubber ball 41 feet and over a net 36 inches high is not considered difficult. Hence why tennis attracts the lower athletically inclined male. Females are more athletic than the males when taking into consideration the size and weight differentials of the genders. Males use their height, weight and muscle differentials to generate more velocity and sharper angles, but this advantage is only due to the mass differences, other than this the female has as much and in may cases even more athletic skill than the male. Females have to develop more skills due to their smaller size and stature.

    Tennis is a good game, but it's not a world class sport. More skill is involved in tennis than basketball and soccer though. Take the racket out of the pro tennis players hand and ask him to throw the tennis ball over the net at 100mph, cannot be done, maybe 30mph. The tennis player could not throw a baseball 30mph and I'm being polite. Ask a pro baseball pitcher to hit a tennis serve with a racket and with little to no training they could strike a 90mph+ serve with no experience in tennis at all.

    The ability of the baseball player to throw at that level of speed and coordination and accuracy and to hit a ball coming at his head at 100mph using a 2.5 inch wide piece of wood is the most complex feat in all sports on the planet, not even close !!

    Tennis is more suited for females (it is a more athletic sill when females are playing than males as males rely almost 100% on powering the ball, thus reducing the quality and value of the game) and seniors. And the male who enters tennis at an early age does so due to lack of development for other sports, most notably baseball and football (QB).

  7. As an Australian, I’m a fan of his. But it’s so frustrating because he has all the tools to succeed while possessing every shot in the book, but time and time again he lets his temper get the better of him and ultimately beats himself. He needs to get his shit together soon or he may turn out to be the biggest waste of potential in tennis history.

Nick Kyrgios LOSES IT, THROWS CHAIR At The Italian Open!

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