LeBron James DESTROYS Kobe Bryant in EPIC Duel Highlights (2008.01.27) – CLUTCH Shot in Kobe’s Face

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  1. It’s not Lebron is better than Kobe it’s Lebron never challenged someone this hard in his life so we can see his true abilities. Kobe played great. Rip mamba 🙏

  2. Destroys ? Somebody must be paying house of highlights for the captions , LeBron barely won by 3 points. Yes he played great but the matchup was head to head. Kobe did not get destroyed lmfao that’s a reach. I expected the Cavs to run them off the court when I saw that caption. There’s highlights where Kobe barely beat LeBron and it wasn’t titled “Kobe destroys LeBron” fucking cap af lmao. And I like LeBron, I have him #2 all time but Bron fans are the worst bc they’re delusional.

  3. Lol this is like 1 out of like 10 games that LEBRON looked decent up against Kobe.
    They have the whole team guarding Kobe and Lebron barely guarding him.plssss spare the bull

  4. Down 7 in the fourth, then leads team back and hits a shot in Kobe’s eye. That’s all that matters to you Kobe fans right? The 4th quarter and the last shot. So according to y’all the title is correct

  5. he hit the dagger ngl but kobe styll had 33 and 9rebs and 6 ast he didn't destroy him and show the vid of kobe hitting a game winner on lebrons face with the double team and lebron had a chance to tie the game at the line and as u can guess he missed the game tying freethrow and kobe locked him up to say bye bye 😂😂

  6. Bron ALWAYS, ALWAYS GOES LEFT and kobe knows that, on that final play he went right, kobe better skills but bron is just an amazing all around talent, hard to say who would win in the playoffs

  7. Bronsexuals taking this one game as evidence that bron is better than kobe, even though kobe still put up great numbers. Now what about the time in 06 when the lakers played the cavs and it was tie game with a minute remaining, and kobe hit 3 straight(and the game winner) over bron, who missed a clutch free throw and a potential buzzer beater?

  8. kobe has the clutch gene like mj. seriously media stop skewing lebron to being more than he is, he shys away from pressure and does not have a relentless mentality.

  9. 100% Lebron paid them to use that title lol both went at it Lebron got the W, simple as that y’all nasty ass tryna push narratives foh, Kobe OWNS Lebron

LeBron James DESTROYS Kobe Bryant in EPIC Duel Highlights (2008.01.27) – CLUTCH Shot in Kobe’s Face

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