Kobe Bryant EPIC Full Highlights vs Trail Blazers (2007.03.16) – UNREAL 65 Points, CLUTCH MODE!

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  1. As long as Jordan is considered the GOAT then Kobe has to be #2. Same skill set hugely successful. The 2 most clutch players in NBA history. Forget LeBron. Kobe's had some games that are better than Jordan's best. Nobody went harder than Kobe! RIP

  2. Rip Kobe . It's almost a year since his passing but he will never be forgotten

    For those that didn't grow up with mj , this was their version of mj from a fundamental standpoint and mindset, skill set Who came into his own with leadership, discipline and work ethic unmatched.

    Who developed into the black mamba and sustained the nba to great heights even after the old school guys left the games.

    Now we celebrate his life as a marksign of appreciation of greatness. Their was one Kobe and will always be one kobe. No matter the comparison.

    Value Lebron, Steph and a few greats in the league now because when they leave the game you will miss them love em or hate em.

    It will take a while or even years until someone eventually shows up in the league with that killer mindset and versility to shake the Sports industry nba , the world on its feet and draw those millions of viewers and European crowd back to the product because right now the league needs it.

    he may show similar traits like mj , kobe, LeBron, curry but he will stand out on his own as that icon.

    Don't wait on the next great to be like Kobe but rather to take influences of him and the greats to mold him to be that guy.

  3. Kobe Bryant was an absolutely killer! I was with Kobe the whole 20 year run! He is hands down goat and my favorite player of all time! Rip to him and Gigi. He meant so much to me that I just had a daughter, my name is Mike, so I wanted her to have my first letter of my name, so I I named her mianna, in respect to the black mamba and his princess. Love forever 👑!

  4. Man, I love watching 06-07 Kobe, with the shirt tucked in tightly, shorts up mad high. I remember Lebron used to make fun of him for that, but he was just jealous. LoL.
    Not to switch topics here, and I'll attempt to say this without blame. Kobe, like Jordan really needed a good coach, aka Phil Jackson, or similar. We all know Kobe was dealt a bad squad, besides Lamar Odom. Kobe is likely the best shooter, and his midrange shot is as good as it gets, and likely has the best percentage there. So, he likely didn't need to pass because he had the best FG% in midrange/farther. But, we know Kobe's FG% is under 50%, and dishing to someone in the paint, Bynum, even small hands Kwame might amount to a 50+% fg percentage, thereby being a better scoring option for the team.
    06:11 look at that, wide open shooter.. with his hands out doesn't get the ball, you hate to see that. Look at 04:02, kwame just standing there like egh Kobe not gonna pass. I get that a Kobe midrange % is better than Smush Parker 3%, but still. Young me loved scoring master Kobe, but the older I get, I'm thinking Kobe should have invested more time in passing, especially towards power forwards or shots in the paint opportunities or if he tuned his game to draw double team and dish out to someone in the paint.
    Now, arguers will say he did pass, many times, and that his teammates just kept bricking, but I don't feel that's a good excuse. Regular season has 82 games and players can get better with more in-game shot attempts. I think Kobe did Kobe. I think the lakers organization let him down in 04-07 period. I also think he needed a good coach.

  5. That shot to put them up 111-108 is the greatest shot I've ever seen. A double team, double spin, fadeaway 3 with the shot clock down in the clutch. How'd he even see the basket?

  6. This is probably the most forgotten season of kobe's career. He averaged 32.6 points but his performsnce was overshadowed by the season before and after it.

Kobe Bryant EPIC Full Highlights vs Trail Blazers (2007.03.16) – UNREAL 65 Points, CLUTCH MODE!

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